27. Things That Drain Your Energy And Raise Your Energy
26. Confident And Arrogant
25. Mother And Father
24. Busy Leaders And Productive Leaders
23. Busy People And Productive People
22. Critical Thinking And Creative Thinking
21. The Old Covenant And The New Covenant
20. Meddling And Helping
19. Pride And Humility
18. Critical Spirit And Caring Spirit
17. Emotional Immaturity And Emotional Maturity
16. Religion And Gospel
15. Intelligence And Wisdom
14. Teacher And Guru
13. Spiritual Gifts And Talents
12. Spiritual Gifts And Fruit Of The Spirit
11. Love And Lust
10. Live Churches And Dead Churches
9. Unbroken And Broken People
8. Children Learn What They Live
7. Man And God
6. Self-Centered Life And Self-Centered Deeds
5. Man's Way And God's Way
4. Men And Women
3. Winner And Loser
2. Competitors And Innovaters
1. Manager And Leader

Busy Leaders And Productive Leaders

No. Busy Leaders Productive Leaders
1 Don't have time to delegate Take time to empower each team member
2 Don't communicate consistently Keep everyone informed
3 Aren't strategic Are strategic thinkers
4 Are poor critical thinkers Are insightful and inclusive with their team
5 Are distracted listeners Promote creative thinking
6 Resent staff needing their time Are committed to providing team support
7 Are easily distracted - by technology, meetings, other staff Focus on the person, the issue, the meeting
8 Are poor behaviour models Are strong behaviour models. Share their expectations with the team