37. Accountable Teammates And Unaccountable Teammates
36. Culture of Blame And Culture of Accountability
35. True Love And Fake Love
34. Unhealthy Love And Healthy Love
33. Feelings And Emotions
32. Anxiety And Depression
31. A Boss And A Leader
30. Trauma Bonding And Authentic Bonding
29. Ego Love And Authentic Love
28. Narcissism And Self-Love
27. Things That Drain Your Energy And Raise Your Energy
26. Confident And Arrogant
25. Mother And Father
24. Busy Leaders And Productive Leaders
23. Busy People And Productive People
22. Critical Thinking And Creative Thinking
21. The Old Covenant And The New Covenant
20. Meddling And Helping
19. Pride And Humility
18. Critical Spirit And Caring Spirit
17. Emotional Immaturity And Emotional Maturity
16. Religion And Gospel
15. Intelligence And Wisdom
14. Teacher And Guru
13. Spiritual Gifts And Talents
12. Spiritual Gifts And Fruit Of The Spirit
11. Love And Lust
10. Live Churches And Dead Churches
9. Unbroken And Broken People
8. Children Learn What They Live
7. Man And God
6. Self-Centered Life And Self-Centered Deeds
5. Man's Way And God's Way
4. Men And Women
3. Winner And Loser
2. Competitors And Innovaters
1. Manager And Leader

Men And Women

No. Men Women
1 A man's sense of self is defined through his ability to achieve results A woman's sense of self is defined through her feelings and the quality of her relationship
2 To feel better men go to their caves to solve problems alone To feel better women get together and openly talk about their problems
3 A man is fulfilled through working out the intricate details of solving a problem A woman is fulfilled through talking about the details of her problem
4 Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed Women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished
5 Men are afraid of giving Women are afraid of receiving
6 A man should not be fridged for needing to withdraw A woman should not be fridged for needing assurance
7 Men pull back and then get close Women rise and fall in their ability to love themselves and others
8 Men argue for the right to be free Women argue for the right to be upset
9 Men want space Women want understanding
10 If a women doesn't ask for support a man assumes he is giving enough A woman's motto is "Love is never having to ask"
11 Men need to receive
1. Trust
2. Acceptance
3. Appreciation
4. Admiration
5. Approval
6. Encouragement
Women need to receive
1. Caring
2. Understanding
3. Respect
4. Devotion
5. Validation
6. Reassurance